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Hi, folks. This is where this poor excuse of a geek (aka ME) stores all her joined fanlistings! Navigation is made easy through the bulleted list below. (Note I'm still in the process of reorganizing stuff and delete old links)

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Fantastic Four: Ben Grimm aka The Thing:   Fantastic Four: Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch:   Fantastic Four: Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic:   Fantastic Four: Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman:   Fantastic Four: [+] Fantastic Four:   Garfield: Garfield:   Harry Potter series: Alastor Moody:   Harry Potter series: Albus Dumbledore:   Harry Potter series: Arthur Weasley:   Harry Potter series: Cedric Diggory:   Harry Potter series: Fawkes:   Harry Potter series: Fred Weasley:   Harry Potter series: George Weasley:   Harry Potter series: Ginny Weasley:   Harry Potter series: Harry Potter:   Harry Potter series: Hedwig:   Harry Potter series: Hermione Granger:   Harry Potter series: Luna Lovegood:   Harry Potter series: Molly Weasley:   Harry Potter series: Neville Longbottom:   Harry Potter series: Nymphadora Tonks:   Harry Potter series: Prof. Flitwick:   Harry Potter series: Remus Lupin:   Harry Potter series: Ronald Weasley:   Harry Potter series: Rubeus Hagrid:   Harry Potter series: Severus Snape:   Harry Potter series: Sirius Black:   Harry Potter series: [+] Gryffindors:   Harry Potter series: [+] Weasley Family:   Kick-Ass: Dave 'Kick-Ass' Lizewski:   Kick-Ass: Mindy 'Hit-Girl' Macready:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Hector Barbossa:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Jack Sparrow:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Elizabeth Swann:   Pirates of the Caribbean: James Norrington:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Joshamee Gibbs:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Ragetti:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Tia Dalma:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner:   Pride & Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet:   Pride & Prejudice: Jane Bennet:   The Chronicles of Narnia: Edmund Pevensie:   The Chronicles of Narnia: Lucy Pevensie:   The Chronicles of Narnia: Mr. Beaver:   The Chronicles of Narnia: Peter Pevensie:   The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian:   The Chronicles of Narnia: Susan Pevensie:   The Devil Wears Prada: Andrea "Andy" Sachs:   The Devil Wears Prada: Emily:   The Devil Wears Prada: Miranda Priestly:   The Duchess: Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire:   The Host: Ian O'Shea:   The Host: Melanie Stryder:   The Host: Wanda/Wanderer:   

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